Do you censor your social? A Malaysian Alien Column #23


Not too long ago we re-furbished the agency that I work at, and part of this refurbishment included a shared picnic bench to have lunch. Previously, there wasn’t a place to share our lunch hours, so we tended to eat out when we wanted to eat together, or more often, we opted for eating el desko.

Having the picnic desk has really helped agency morale, and I would recommend having a designated eating area for any workplace. We now all squeeze on to the bench and take a well needed break from our computer screens, reading snippets of the dirty tabloids, do the cross word, or just shoot the shit.

However, another offspring of this shared eating experience is food judgement. I tend not to comment on other people’s meals, from the school dinner aficionados to the dust and air diets, anything goes as I have done them all.

Recently at one of these picnic bench lunch session, I was riled by a comment that people should stop instagramming their meals because people don’t want to see their newsfeeds featuring your dinners. Because I am an enthusiastic #foodgrammer, I thoroughly object. Yes, I think you should think about what food pics you’re snapping, and try and make it interesting either with a recipe, something innovative, or just the sheer deliciousness of it. But I object because your social channels should be your free soapbox, and if people don’t like what you have to say, they could just unfollow you, or scroll past your post in less than a second.

Mostly I object because if their your community, they probably WANT to see your #foodie posts. If they are not your community, they probably are your friends and family, so they should know what you’re like and love you for your quirks and idiosyncrasies, not judge you for it. If they are neither of these, they probably are frenemies stalking your actions and making fun of you. So who cares what they say?

Edit – I haven’t put too much into this post, it’s just a little thought that flitted through my mind. There are tonnes of better things to do than take a picture of your steak, but if it gives you joy, then why not? Tweet me your thoughts @tammymeaculpa

Photo credit: Unsplash


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