A Sketch a Day While Away – A Malaysian Alien Column #19


I recently went to Portugal for a long awaited holiday. I managed to get everything I wanted to do done – it wasn’t hard, the list was just four items long. Relax, eat, beach and pool. But I also set a challenge for while I was away. I’ve previously written about having lots of hobbies, including yoga, Capoeira, singing, drawing and writing. Singing was the first to fall by the way, followed by drawing, and now even capoeira is getting forgotten.

Holidays give you a chance to re-kindle these loves, and I took the chance to get back into drawing. And set myself a challenge to do a sketch a day. I won’t post them all because they are just quick pool-side sketches, by here are a few:


A whimsical post on holding on to dreams and ideas…


A fishy post, accurate for being by the Algarve coast…


Another fishy post – this became a bit of a theme because…


I pretty much ate all the sea creatures. I feel bad now, but it was soooo tasty!


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