Are we the Generation of Failure? A Malaysian Alien Column #17

I recently got back in contact with a close old friend, and suggested that we tried picking up our friendship, one email at a time. She was impressed that I’d managed to reply to her email immediately to suggest this, but it didn’t surprise me. E mail is one of the adult things I have been able to pick up, along with meditation and sleeping early. (Clearly an introvert, basically I can communicate through the written word, I like to sleep and enjoy quiet contemplative time).

I’ve not yet managed to pick up laundry, vacuuming, council tax, flat bills, mortgages, driving, ironing… well the list is extensive. But at least I’ve got emailing down. Every time I think about being a proper grown up, it kind of scares me.

My mother recently started to ask questions about babies, and the truth is that I haven’t really grasped how to take of myself yet. And many of my friends are in the same boat. So is our generation a total failure?

Our parents are  the products of an older mind set, one that had more solid rules about what a career was and what you did in life. Then our generation came along and the rule book was thrown out. We were overcome with choice and became paralysed by the sheer breadth of opportunities that we had – I’m not complaining, it’s a wonderful position to be, we just didn’t deal with it very well. I mean, even our generation moniker asks the question Y?

The next generation was born into this plethora of choice – they are choice natives (as well as digital natives, and social natives). So they forge ahead with pioneering ways of making these choices work for them, and writing their own rule book.

Which means we were the necessary learning curve.

But I am choosing to become generationally upwardly mobile, and take on the traits of the Gen Z model and be less self-serving, less bewildered by infinite possibilities, and just generally be a bad-ass super hero.

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