Another Hair Raising Pursuit: A Malaysian Alien Column #12

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I’ve said it before, but I’ll remind you again. I have hair like straw. This is because I insist on stripping it of all life by bleaching it blonde, in the vain hope I might look even a tiny bit like Beyonce. Just so I can prance about in my flat in a t shirt and shorts shouting out SURFBORT and WADERMELON at random intervals, much to the puzzlement of D (sorry D).

To balance out the gross mistreatment of my hair (I just thought of the best name for a hair salon Miss Treatment – actually, scrap that, it’s no very guid at aw), I try to never blow dry it, style it with products or colour/cut or even wash it too often. I have a bi annual hair appointment, similar to my quarter year waxes (sorry D), and the ladies at the salon often greet me with, ‘it’s been too long, when was the last time you were here?’ – it’s usually 6 months ago.


In addition to treating my bonnet with delicate care, I also smother it with treatment whenever I can. In my previous post I waxed lyrically on Salon Professional’s Luxe Oil, and it is still by far my favourite product. It soothes my distressed locks like some freakishly good cuticle whisperer, and it also smells like utter divinity served with a side of ice cream and hugs.

However, I broadened my myopic eye and my gaze fell upon these two new products:

1) Dove Hair Therapy – Damage Solutions

This caught my eye because the formula is in two parts, a milky emulsion floating cloudily on a clear liquid. I love a bit of science. You shake it up and it becomes a light conditioning spray that prevents split ends and helps relieve damaged hair. I think it’s working because I’ve been able to brush through my hair without leaving a confetti of fragmented hair ends, scattered like betrayal and broken promises on my bathroom floor (sorry D). Smells pretty good, but in a more generic fruity hair product way, not like our lovely Luxe oil.

2) Tresseme Platinum Strength – 60s Leave in Shot

And this is another find, because it’s a small tube with a snap off nozzle, so it’s ideal for me to take to the gym, and has a good amount to cover my hair (which is quite long and thick, and sucks up moisture like a parched prairie dog). It’s meant to strengthen damaged hair to prevent breakage (spot the theme), and although I’ve only tried it once, I thought it did a great job. Will try it again, when I make it back to the gym.

Oh yes, after a month and a half of being very good and conscientious with health and fitness, I am once again off the wagon. This weekend I will heave myself back on.

Have a great weekend folks!


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