What I did over Christmas – A Malaysian Alien Column #9

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Forgive me for not writing over the last week, but I have good reason!

D finally had his spinal operation, he had an endoscopic discectomy. Sounds painful doesn’t it? Well it was, and I don’t even know the ins and outs of it. But he came through it fine, and we had a quiet and lovely Christmas and New Year together. And then I caught a nasty cold just before returning to work.

Anyway, I’ve captured a snapshot of a couple of things that made me smile over the festive season in the image above. Firstly, D and I put up our first proper Christmas tree. This means we’re getting more grown up by the minute! It was the loveliest story actually. I’d mentioned to D that I kind of wanted a tree, but I wasn’t too sure about it, because his back was bad and so he couldn’t really get involved in getting one, we had left it a little late and were too busy to fit in getting a tree (not to mention too broke!), and we’d just moved into a ‘not-so-huge’ flat, which we didn’t know how long we’d stay at and were not in the right place to be accumulating stuff.

Then one day as I was preparing to go to London for a work trip, D asked if we could set aside a date day to spend a little time together. We sorted out that Tuesday would be the best day, and so after work, I skipped home to see him. The wonderful man had arranged to get his Mom’s old tree set up in our flat, and had put the fairy lights up. Not only had he done that, but bought all the little Scandi Ikea decorations that I had liked. Even with his two slipped discs.

So that was the first piece of delight I had for Christmas. The second thing was going to Yo Sushi, which has recently opened up on Princes St in Edinburgh. Sarah and I went there, and we had a bottle of Prosecco and helped ourselves to the little brightly coloured flying saucers spinning past on the conveyor belt. I LOVE this way of eating.

The third picture is a scarf that I got for Christmas (from Zara). which just embodies my Christmas last week. It’s beautiful and cosy, and lets me hide from the world – exactly the kind of Christmas and New Year that D and I had.

The last picture is some bath treats from the White Company, all wonderfully designed and deliciously smelling. With a cheeky gremlin flashing at the end. D and I have truly made a wee home with each other, bring on 2015!




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