In Pursuit of Naked Skin: A Malaysian Alien Column #7

Unsplash - skin

Ever since I turned 12, I’ve been haunted by terrible skin. The rest of my body is pretty good, I barely moisturise and still my bodily skin is happy healthy, and soft. My sister is the opposite. The skin on her body is sensitive, and temperamental, but her face is dewy, bright and perfectly illuminated. When I look unto her face I see someone who drinks for naturally occurring springs, sits in hot geysers once a week, only eats raw food that has been organically grown, and goes running in clean air every day. In reality she lives in London and eats meat (preferably fried) three times a day – but her face tells a different story.

I, on the other hand, treat my skin with such respect and care. I walk around with a 1 Litre thermos of green tea all day (constantly re-filling with fresh hot water), I take skin supplements, I eat lots of fruit, veg and fish. Exercise diligently. And most importantly, I scrutinise the label of any product I put on my face. No parabens, mica, avoiding SPFs and zinc etc. It’s a tricky thing to balance, having hyperpigmented sensitive skin, but not being tolerant of SPF, so you can prevent the pigmentation forming. I am still finding the right combination of things. But the best thing so far, the products that have started to make a real difference to the dark marks on my skin are:

1) Cleanser: Dermalogica Tri-Active Cleanse

I really recommend this cleanser, because it’s not just something that cleans your face, but a strong step in treating the skin. It brightens through Lactic Acid, and also moisturises with Shea Butter, so the cleansed skin feels comfortable, not stripped of oils and traumatised.

2) Day Moisturiser: Dermalogica Pure Light

I love this moisturiser but I am not sure how it works. It goes on so lightly, that it doesn’t clog or irritate my skin (my skin doesn’t like heavy creams). And even though it has an SPF, it doesn’t bother my skin, which is rare!

3) Night Moisturiser: Weleda Wild Rose Night Cream

Because my day moisturiser is quite light, I wanted a richer night cream, and this does the trick. I love the rose essential oil smell – it makes me feel relaxed, ultra luxe and ready for bed. My D seems to think it smells like an old lady perfume counter, but I adore it.

4) Mask – Matis Paris Delicate Mask

I’ve a beautician that always go to in Malaysia, when I am home. And she says a once a year facial is just not enough. She’s right. But for the times when you can’t get a professional facial, try to exfoliate and put on a mask once a week. I like these Matis ones, as they are really gentle and smell like a fancy salon.

5) Exfoliator – Matis Paris Delicate Peeling Cream

Other than that, drink loads of water, take your supplements, hit the sauna once a week, and exercise to get the blood into your cheeks.

Like I said, try to get a facial when you can, I know it’s not cheap but done regularly, it could really transform your skin. I love the Dermalogica skin mapping ones. If you live in Edinburgh, you can get them here.

In my next few posts I am excited do a small comparison of bases and foundations, with sensitive skin, dark asian skin, and hyperpigmentation – I am a very demanding customer.

And I will also do a little Kidney Detox experiment soon as well, meant to do wonders for your over all well being, and for your skin. Might not be a very pretty post though…


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