Why write?


In my last post I touched on this thought about shaping your life, and designing what parts go in the career ‘section’. I recently applied for a Red magazine internship, which I haven’t even received an acknowledgement for the application yet. So I am not sure if they got the email, and thought it was shite, or that they’re too busy to reply to each submission. However, just an automated email signalling receipt would have been nice. Perhaps if I did get the position, I could mention this…

So why writing? – why not illustration / dance / advertising?

I’ve no idea, maybe it’s wrong, but you have to try. And ultimately, I’m not saying ‘writing’, I’m saying one part, writing, one part illustration and one part something physical.

Last weekend I went to a dance workshop called Bey Dance. The instructor was a lively little blonde thing from Australia, and she came up with the concept of teaching the Beyonce dance routines – it’s very niche, but seemed to be very popular. Apparently a Beyonce only dance class is something that appeals to loads of people, not just me. I thought perhaps I could do something like that here, take a Beyonce dance class once or twice a week. Classes are usually around £5 minimum here, and I would predict around 10 students, so just overlooking overheads just now, I could get something like £50 a class. Apparently you can get from £250 per 1000 words for freelance writing, and you should get a minimum of £50 per illustration.  To make a decent living for where I am in my life now I should be doing this:

4 x Dance classes a month = £200

4 x Articles a month = £1000

4 x illustrations a month = £200

Seems like a nice working week – write one thing, draw one thing, and teach one dance class. In reality this takes a lot of work and investment, practice and planning. But still, I am starting to love this thought.

But back to writing, because a lot of people probably know that I draw and dance, but might not know what my interest in writing is. This David Lynch article puts it very well: Start to write your novel

“We’re all like detectives in life. There’s something at the end of the trail that we’re all looking for.”

Ask yourself right now: Do you have all the answers you were looking for? I don’t. Among other things, we write stories to ponder questions that baffle us. Writing is fishing for the right questions wherever they hide. Only those will lead us to the answers we need.

So I am also fishing for answers through writing. And I think it’s working. My current answer is, why not treat life like toy blocks? Who’s to say you only get one block for ‘career’. I’d like to have 2 or 3. So if I can make a profitable life with one block in writing, one block in illustration, and the last block in a dance fitness class, that could be wonderful.

I met up with a friend that has recently made the decision to live a poly-amorous lifestyle, saying it is not in his nature to be with solely one partner. It’s natural for him and his partner to want something a little more now and then, and that works for them. I’m unequivocally not like this at all, I am the opposite, a Taurean through and through, dedicated to home comforts and solid, grounded relationsips. However, I am poly-amorous when it comes to my career, it feels natural to me to not just do one job or play in one skill set, day in and day out for the rest of my life.

I think I need to play around a little.


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