Little Women Trials pt1 – Close Shaves in the Shower


Just a little one this week, but probably a start to a greater series of little trials that afflict women. A light-hearted and probably welcome break to over-thinking I normally do.

I don’t usually shave my legs. I am an advocate of waxing, and in Malaysia, it’s almost a rite of passage to take your teenage daughter to her first waxing appointment, usually the same ‘auntie’ that has waxed the mother over the last few years. I went to mine at around 15 years of age. This meant that I was a hairy legged teenage girl wearing shorts at school (with those little black leg hairs hanging out for everyone to see) for most of my secondary school life. The thing is, body hair wasn’t as taboo’d in Malaysia amongst teenagers at that time as it is in the UK now. And I really didn’t know any better.

So growing up I’d be growing these wee leg hairs out – yanking them off 3 times a year and then growing them out again. Meanwhile in Britain, the teenage white girls with their soft translucent hairs were religiously shaving EVERY DAY in the shower. The dedication.

But I found out last week when I was lucky enough to attend the opening ceremony of the Edinburgh International Film Festival, that I had to do an emergency shave in the shower. It’s pretty much impossible, and I was striking some advance yoga poses to get all those hairs off. All whilst having time and water pressure chucking it down on me. You can’t even bend over to shave your legs – because the water will wash off all the shaving foam (read ‘soap’, because I obviously didn’t have shaving foam), so I had a leg propped up above my head – out of the trajectory of the shower, in an advanced stretch (because the shower room in my flat is the size of a modest cupboard) – while drawing a blunt blade across my skin. It’s not a good idea. I think I will have to stick to waxing from now on, because when I got to the venue, I noticed patches of hairs that I’d missed all over my legs. I just never had the practice growing up.

And on another unrelated note, last night my David (who’s just released the trailer for his short film Boat – which I am really proud of) came in from his last day on the Talent Lab at the Film Fest, a touch tipsy and with pizza. I sat up and said ‘I’ll take a slice of that’ (it was 2.30am at this point and I had been asleep for 3 hours) and then ate the slice of pizza, in my sleep with my eyes closed.

I just wanted to share that with you, because I think it’s odd behaviour indeed, but I am secretly quite proud of it for no logical reason at all.



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